Club Service Projects

District 9675 Governor
District Governor Stephen Humphreys and Judith
Stephen Humphreys (Judith)
District Governor 2016-17
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Club Service Projects
Club Service Projects Chair – PP Sue Hayward (PHF) 0439 550 976
Soap Aid
  • To collect soap from hotels, send it to Melbourne for recycling and distribution to developing countries.
  • A rapidly growing programme with lots of hotels wanting to join
  • Volunteers do a pick up from a local hotel and take it to a storage depot where it is transported to Melbourne for processing
Contact:  Steve Hooper  0401 987 003
Australian Rotary Health 
To provide funding for a variety of health related research
  • Indigenous Health Scholarships – Cost to club $2,500 (75 students sponsored this year)
  • Rural Medical Scholarships – Cost to club $5,500
  • Rural Nursing Scholarships – Cost to club $13,750
  • Mental Health Forums
  • ANZAC PhD Scholarship for research into PTSD
  • Hat day – Held each year in October
Contact: Phil Whyte 0418 219 118 or Cheryl Deguara.
Graffiti day
To work with local Councils to remove graffiti from public or private buildings using products which are donated.
Coordinators are required to:
  • arrange pick up of product
  • Identify team members (who need to attend a short training session)
  • Supervise on the day
  • Held annually in October
Jay Thorogood  0488 228 882
Bob Aitkin  0417 722 190
Grand Stories
To capture the stories of Rotarians, community members, family & friends by digitally recording them and transferring them onto CD for future reference.
  • How many Rotarians are there in your club who were Charter members?
  • Is it worth capturing the changes that have happened over the years?
  • The District has a recorder which you can borrow and Jack will arrange training for groups if necessary.
  • The district has a digital recorder and can provide training
Contact:  Jack Elliot  9858 1194
Dolly Parton Imagination Library
To provide children with a book each month from the time of birth until they are five.
  • This encourages parents to read to their children
  • In some cases, this develops the parents’ literacy also
  • Gets children ready for school
Cost to clubs:
  • Cost per child is $6.50 / month or $78 / year.
  • Cost for 50 children for 1 year is $3900.
  • Plan on a 3 year commitment
Contact: Sue Clark 0402 818 075
Rotary Community Corps 
to provide members of the community who can’t commit to Rotary membership to do community service
  • Like ‘Friends of Rotary’ but more formal.
  • Is part of the Club
  • No membership fees or attendance requirements
  • Usually focussed on a ‘theme’, geographical area or nationality
  • Must abide by the usual rules of governance and financial probity
      Contact: Mike Mazza 0402 012 888
Blood Donor drive
To encourage Rotarians and their family and friends to donate blood
  • Disappointing response in our District to date
  • It’s not that Rotarians aren’t donating, but we think that they aren’t registering on the ARCBS website so donations aren’t being counted
  • Site address is
  • Register under D9675
Contact:  Nick Durrant  0414 928 004
Dream Cricket
To provide children with disabilities with the chance to improve their self esteem & confidence by playing cricket
  • Several clubs need to work on a Dream Cricket event
  • Rotaractors will assist with supervising the participants
  • The District has a special kit but the club will need to borrow/purchase others
  • Advice can be sought from clubs who have already run a Dream Cricket day
Contact: Paul Read 0424 026 343
Community Grants
To make clubs aware of funding sources
  • Community grants can provide opportunities to clubs eg DPIL in the Illawarra.
  • Michael Mazza sends out notices each month about grants.
Contact: Mike Mazza 0402 012 888
To liaise with Probus in our District
  • Community club for retired persons
  • Especially for retired Rotarians
  • Meetings once per month
  • No work!
  • Person needed to assist Dick with visits to Probus clubs for official presentations etc.
     Contact: Dick White  0424 603 499
Bowel Scan  
To detect early signs of bowel cancer by colorectal screening
  • Kits are distributed to pharmacies in March/April each year
  • Kits can be returned to same pharmacy for testing
  • Everyone over 40 should be doing this test
  • People needed to distribute kits
Coordinator wanted:  c/o Sue Hayward
Inspirational Women’s Awards 
To recognise the efforts of women who have contributed to their community
  • Not for Rotarians
  • Held in conjunction with International Womens day
  • Has been held every two years
  • Talk of making it an annual event but sharing the coordination with D9685 to our north.
Contact: Dot Hennessy  0412 120 314