Club Awards for Changeover 2024

How to apply

  • Submissions emailed to District Awards Chair Bill Salter
  • Submissions must be received by 1 June 2024.
  • Awards will be presented at the District Changeover on Sunday 30 June 2024.
  • All submissions are to be no more than 500 words and must address majority if not all of the criteria, along with an overview and examples - additional material may be attached as an Appendix.

Award submissions will be from two sources:

  1. Submissions from Clubs.
  2. Projects/events known to the District Governor and/or District Portfolio Chair.

The Judging Panel will be:

  • Those linked to a District Chair portfolio – The DG, Portfolio Chair, and a minimum of one other member of that District committee.
  • Those not linked to a District Chair portfolio – The DG, District Awards Chair, and a minimum of one other member of the District committee.
The Awards and criteria are as follows:
** The items listed for each category are examples only.
** Other expressions may give a better presentation of the achievement.

Club of the year

Examples for Club consideration:
  • Projects initiated/completed
  • Engagement with the Community
  • Membership retention/growth
  • Membership engagement
  • Level of Giving to the Rotary Foundation – e.g. Annual Fund, PolioPlus, Centurians, EREY etc.
  • Improved governance – e.g. Constitution update, Child Protection Training, Risk Analysis etc.
  • How the club has made progress year on year.
 In Summary:
Diversity, participation at all levels, leadership, Avenues of Service, Club Culture, innovation, imagination.
Best PR and Marketing Campaign
  • Impact in the community.
  • Coverage in District.
  • Social Media involvement.
Best International Project
  • Impact on the community where the project is undertaken.
  • Number of Rotarians involved.
  • Recognition within the international community.
  • Is the project sustainable.
Best Local Community Project
  • Benefit for the local community.
  • Number of Rotarians involved.
  • Positive community recognition of event.
  • Is the project sustainable.
Best Vocational Community event
  • Support for the vocation/s.
  • Number of individuals recognised or involved.
  • Positive community recognition of event.
Best Youth Initiative/Project/Scholarships
  • Positive impact on youth.
  • Number of youths involved.
  • Recognition in the community.
Outstanding initiative from a Rotaract Club
Community impact.
Number of Rotaractors involved.
Download a copy of the awards criteria