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Community Service is the opportunity for Rotary and Rotaract clubs to implement projects and activities that improve life in their local community, their region, or elsewhere in Australia.
Mental health projects
2023-24 Rotary International President, Gordon McInally, asked Rotarians to make mental health a priority. With that in mind, the clubs in District 9675 were asked to share any mental health projects they have or are in-planning.

Attached is a summary of the information received. If you are interested in finding out more about a particular project, contact the club concerned.

If there are any errors in this information, please email Sue Clark at

Indigenous projects

Aboriginal Child and Family Health Initiative

The aim is to develop significant health opportunities for Aboriginal Families across greater Sydney. It will replicate key elements of a program operating successfully at the La Perouse Aboriginal Community Centre since 2009 in partnership with the Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick.

At the La Perouse centre, an arts and crafts program is used to facilitate creative expression, celebrate Aboriginal culture and learning, and promote health, literacy, and parenting skills, and access to child and family health and educational services. Mothers are able to connect with and support each other.

With Rotary funding support, this project will research and explore the transferability of key elements of the La Perouse Community program to Western Sydney Aboriginal Communities, with active support from the Children’s Hospital, Westmead.

Contact: Bruce Christie E:   P: 0478 882 419

Trachoma prevention

Trachoma is a bacterial eye infection that can lead to blindness, and Australia is the only developed country that still has it, however trachoma is treatable with antibiotics and blindness is preventable. The infection is very contagious and can be spread through direct contact with fluid from the eyes or nose of an infected person, or through shared face cloths or bedding.
EndTrachoma is an Australia-wide Rotary project that is aiming to eradicate this disease from our Indigenous communities. Rates have dropped to 3.3% of the at-risk population from 14% in 2009. 
Clubs can assist by making and sending personal toiletry kits for children or kits for families. The kits help prevent trachoma by improving hygiene practices and discouraging sharing. Alternatively, funds for a washing machine for a school or community, or to re-stock kits would be appreciated.

Contact: Dr Darshan Sachdev P: 0403-327-466

Indigenous Knowledge Hub at UTS

UTS is building the first indigenous residential University College in Australia.  Rotary will partner with UTS to develop a “knowledge hub” within the College.
The aim is to promote a sense of pride and hope within the indigenous community, particularly indigenous youth with challenging low levels of school attendance and university participation. 
The Hub will comprise five key areas: the library, the Keeping Place, the Family Research Space, an Elders Office and, an Academic workplace. 
Rotary is supporting a pledge of $3M over 3 years to fund two phases of programming to help make the vision for the Indigenous Knowledge Hub a reality. 
Contact: Garry Browne AM  E: P: 0418-401-978
Tribal warrior mentoring program
This program is based in Redfern and is designed to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth of all ages to Year 12, to develop into confident, independent young adults. 

Volunteers are welcome to attend the boxing sessions held Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6am at Redfern Indigenous Centre of Excellence.  

Contact: Jeremy Wright   E:   P: 0412-239-531
Adopt a tree
This project was launched on Australia Day 2022 with the aim of seeking support from community members (as well as Rotarians, Rotaractors and clubs) to fund and plant 10,000 trees in bushfire ravaged / environmentally impacted areas of NSW.
Adoption certificates will be sent electronically. Purchasers will be notified when plantings are taking place and invited to participate. The cost is $5 per tree.
Updates will be sent on the growth of the adopted trees.
Contact: Cathy Mason E:   P: 0413-447-184
Dolly Parton Imagination Library
The Imagination Library:
  • Supports children to start school ready to read and learn by providing them with a free, home delivered, age-appropriate book each month until their 5th birthday. 
  • A tip-sheet for parents/caregivers comes with each book, with suggested questions to ask the child and activities related to the story. It enables the child to get greater benefit from the book than they would from just reading the story.
  • The program encourages parents to read regularly to their children, fostering the child’s love of books and reading, and developing their language and early literacy skills so they start school confident and ready to read and learn. It particularly benefits children experiencing disadvantage, and children from non-English speaking backgrounds.
  • A local support organisation or preschool should be very willing to work with you and offer the program to families they know and whose children would benefit. Cost is $9/month for the book and its postage, which is $108.00 for a year’s (12) books.
Contact: Cathie Richardson  E:  P: 0407-783-277
or Sue Clark  E:  P:  0402-818-075
Environment and sustainability
In 2021, Protecting the Environment was added to Rotary International’s existing 6 areas of focus.  In our District (9675), a Committee was formed to promote this new area of focus and encourage environmental activities by clubs and individual Rotarians & Rotaractors.
Club activities can include clean-ups (beaches, creeks, or parks), tree and habitat planting (talk to your Council or a Bushcare group), helping establish a school or community garden, reducing landfill by recycling (eg via Return and Earn machines) or collecting & donating items such as prescription glasses, books, clothing and redundant medical equipment to people or places where they can be ‘repurposed’, or assisting schools to obtain solar panels.
During 2020-22 Sydney’s CBD Rotary clubs presented quarterly Climate & Peace webinars, each featuring 3 speakers. They covered a broad range of topics from climate science to social and political impacts, renewable energy options, and practical environmental action. 
Videos of these webinars can be found at 
EnviroClub Awards, launched in 2021, provide clubs with the opportunity to be recognised for their environment & sustainability activities. There are 3 levels of awards. Details and application forms can be found at District Enviro Awards
Contact: Brendan O’Keeffe  E: P:0402-564-612
Little wings and medical wings
Little Wings is a not-for-profit organisation that providing sick children and their families, throughout regional NSW, ACT and Qld, with free flights and ground transport during the treatment process and so minimising the physical, emotional, and financial strain of travel. Volunteer drivers are needed to take patients to and from Bankstown airport and the hospital.  Contact Vinod if you are interested.
Medical Wings delivers doctors (in Little Wings planes) and clinics to families across regional and remote NSW and Qld. The clinics are conducted in partnership with local hospitals, Aboriginal Medical Centres, primary health clinics & Immigration Centres to ensure families are able to access support in a culturally safe and welcoming environment. The program benefits families, communities, and the health system. It enables many patients to be treated at home instead of in a hospital.

Contact: Vinod Reddy  E:   P: 0416-414-266

City2Surf  and Sydney Marathon

Volunteering with benefits! This is an opportunity to be part of the excitement & spectacle of these events and, for your efforts, receive a donation from the organisers for your club! 
City2Surf:  Date: Sunday, 11th August 2024.
2024 will be Rotary’s 13th year of involvement. Volunteers work as Course Marshals along the route - from the start in Hyde Park, to Laguna St, Vaucluse.  Start times vary depending on location but are usually from 5.30am to 6.30am.
In 2023, the Rotary or Rotaract club nominated by each volunteer received a donation of $100 from the organisers, IRONMAN.  

This is an opportunity to enjoy a great community event and raise some funds for a club project.  
Sydney Marathon:  Date:  Sunday, 15th September 2024.
In 2023, the Sydney Marathon became one of the major World Marathons, on par with the London, Tokyo, Berlin, Chicago, Boston, and New York Marathons.
Like the City2Surf, a donation is given to the Rotary or Rotaract club nominated by each volunteer. In 2023 it was $80 per volunteer.

This is another opportunity to be part of a spectacular event and raise some funds for a club project.
Contact for both events:  Jackie Charlton E:  0425-260-201
Dream cricket
This program gives children with special needs the opportunity to play cricket in a supportive environment, helping them to develop their physical skills and increase their confidence and self-esteem. Children with physical, intellectual or sight impairments can participate.

It is held during school hours for children from one or more schools and, importantly, with the assistance of their teachers. The children rotate through a tabloid of activities, which are adapted as needed to enable each child to experience success. 

If possible, invite senior students (Year 10 or 11) from a near-by high school to join you. After an explanation of each activity and some guidance, the high students should be able to run the activities and help each child as needed.

Our District has a kit of equipment that is available to use, and assistance from clubs that have run a Dream Cricket day will be happily given.
Dream Cricket is fun for everyone, and an excellent experience for the high school students.
Contact: Sue Clark   E:   P: 0402-818-075


Probus is an organisation that promotes friendship, fellowship, and fun for retired and semi-retired people, with no fundraising involved.
Clubs meet monthly with interesting guest speakers and also provide regular opportunities for members to make new friends, expand their interests, and enjoy new experiences – helping them remain active, mentally and physically.

Anyone can join, and Rotarians can also be members of a Probus club.
Rotary arranges the formation of new clubs and assists existing clubs.
Rotary and Probus clubs can develop good relationships, share newsletters, and include each other in events.

Contact: Lyn Bates   E:   P: 0408-284-082