District 9675 Governor
Warwick Richardson
District Governor 2020-21
Upcoming Events
Community Service
Community Projects Director – Sue Clark   ballyclark@bigpond.com   0402-818-075
To provide support to communities impacted by fire, flood or drought.
  • Visit Towns
  • Stay in Hotels, Caravan Parks, etc
  • Eat in Restaurants, Cafes, etc
  • Shop in local shops
  • Find out what help is needed
  • Develop projects to help locals
  • Provide support and hope
Contact:  Cathy Mason   rotaryadoptatown@gmail.com    0413 447 184
City2Surf & Sydney Running Festival
To provide volunteers to assist at the City2Surf Fun Run and also at the Sydney Running Festival.
  • For the City2Surf, volunteers work as course marshals or remain in Hyde Park, providing information to the participants and public.
  • For the Sydney Running festival, volunteers work as course marshals.    
  • For both events, volunteers receive a donation for their Rotary club from the organisers.
  • City2Surf is scheduled to be held on Sunday, 8th August 2021, no doubt subject to Covid related restrictions. Details can be found on the City2Surf website.
  • The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is scheduled to be held on Sunday, 19th September 2021, presumably also subject to Covid related restrictions. Details can be found on their website.
Contacts: City2Surf - Phillip Snider   psnider@optusnet.com.au  0418-865-471
or Russell Paine  russell.paine@gmail.com   0410-943-007
Sydney Running Festival - Phillip Snider   psnider@optusnet.com.au  0418-865-471  
Dolly Parton Imagination Library  
To provide children from birth to five with an age appropriate book each month.
  • addresses and nurtures early childhood literacy
  • develops confidence within children and prepares them for school ready to learn
  • has a positive impact on the child’s overall development
  • encourages parents to read regularly to their children
  • builds strong family relationships and in many cases supports parents’ literacy.
Cost to clubs:
  • Cost per child is $7.80 / month or $93.60/ year.
  • Cost for 50 children for 1 year is $4680.
  • Plan on a 3-year commitment
Contact: Cathie Richardson    richoc@bigpond.com      0407 783 277
or, Sue Clark   ballyclark@bigpond.com   0402-818-075
Dream Cricket
To provide children with special needs the opportunity to play cricket, helping them to develop their physical skills and increase their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Held during school hours for children from one or more schools.
  • The children participate in a tabloid of activities, adjusted as needed to suit each child.
  • If possible, invite senior high school students (Year 10 or 11) to run the activities and help the children, assisted by Rotarians and teachers.
  • A District kit of equipment is available to borrow.
  • Assistance from clubs that have run a Dream Cricket day will be happily given.
  • Fun for all, and an excellent experience for the senior students.
Contact: Sue Clark   ballyclark@bigpond.com   0402-818-075
Environment and Sustainability
Aim: To promote Rotary’s new area of focus, Supporting the Environment, and sustainability, and encourage engagement of Rotarians.
(With acknowledgement of Paulo Costa, RI President, 1990-91, who developed the program, Preserve Planet Earth.)
  • Consider regular plastic clean-up days from waterways – make it Practical & Social,
  • Plant trees after liaising with your local council – who will have a program for volunteers,
  • Reduce your own and your club’s carbon footprint – eg remove plastics (plates, cutlery, straws) from your catering, coordinate transport, recycle all waste etc.,
  • Consider personal initiatives to reduce emissions - use of energy efficient lighting, recycling, composting, solar panels & batteries, use of an electric bicycle for local transport.
  • Consider an electric vehicle as the next car you buy, and advocate for electric recharging station in your area.
Contact: Jeremy Wright   jeremyw@optusnet.com.au   0412-239-531
Graffiti Removal Day
To work with local Councils to remove graffiti from public or private buildings using products which are donated.
Coordinators are required to:
  • Arrange pick up of product
  • Identify team members (who need to attend a short training session)
  • Supervise on the day
  • Next Graffiti Removal Day proposed for March 2021
Contact:  Barry Antees   barryantees@gmail.com   0413-880-267
To form new Probus Clubs and assist active clubs within the District.
  • Probus is an organisation promoting friendship, fellowship and fun.
  • Especially for retired Rotarians but anyone can join.
  • Each club holds monthly meetings with interesting guest speakers.
  • No fundraising involved.
Contact: Lyn Bates   lynbates@live.com.au   0408-284-082
Solar Lights  
To provide a clean and rechargeable light source for communities that do not have access to electricity.
  • Lights are approximately 9cm square in size and are sturdy but lightweight.
  • They can be clipped together for a larger light source.
  • Approximately 8 hours of light is provided per charge.
  • Life changers for communities without electricity.
  • For orders over 10 units, the cost is $12.00 per light.
  • This is a RAWCS Project supported by the Rotary Club of Sutherland
Contact: Jay Thorogood   jaythorogood@gmail.com   0488-228-882