Rural Medicine & Nursing Scholarships
Chronic staff shortages and the remoteness of country often means that the health services available to Australians in rural and remote areas are often less effective than those in our cities.  The easing impact of drought continues to have an enormous impact on rural health issues.
The purpose of Rural Medical and Nursing Scholarships is to provide opportunities for students to undertake placements at rural or remote health care service centres. Students gain first-hand the experience these facilities cater for and provide the incentive for recipients to pursue a career in rural Australia upon attaining graduation.
Rural Medical Scholarships provide an incentive to complete at least one year in a rural setting and Rural Nursing Scholarships offers nursing students completing their third year major clinical placement and their graduating year, experience working in a remote environment.
Rural Medical and Nursing Scholarships also offer support partnerships similarly to, as with Indigenous Health Scholarships.