RYDA (Rotary Youth Driver Awareness) program has been running since 2000, initially by Rotary and now as a not-for-profit organisation in partnership with state governments, major corporate and Rotary.  The program is aimed at high school students in years 10 – 12 and is based on strong evidence through the Road Safety Education Advisory Council.
In coordination with high school, RYDA offer the program as an excursion at one of the venues RYDA hires or as an incursion at the school.   The students attend 6 sessions overall which focus on different areas of Road Safety for both as a driver, road user (cyclist etc) and as a passenger. Students are split into groups of between 20 -30. The sessions are 30 minutes in length and are both practical and interactive with students. The aim is to focus on cognition development, building and increasing social competency and resilience and motivating low risk behaviour to allow the students to develop and practise personalised strategies.
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For further information please contact
Tracey Grinter
NSW Metro Program Co-ordinator
Mobile: 0419 274 959